… and time stands still

We all know that time does not stand still. Quite honestly, I often think time has a mind of its own and really cannot decide what it wants to do or what it expects from us. Father Time has a wicked sense of humour. He and his adorable wife, Mother Nature, make such a lovely scheming couple, don’t they?

The one moment we are having fun and enjoying ourselves and suddenly we have run out of time. We look back and throw around clichés like “where did the time go” and lament about what could have been or what else should have been done and so forth.

Then next we experience something terrible or unpleasant and Father Time just does not want to get a move on. This also applies when we anxiously are awaiting an event or person.

And then there are moments that are neither. Waiting for the baby is one of those moments where time goes by too quickly and at the same time does not pass quickly enough. Know what I mean? A unique contradiction.

I am now trapped in that moment where time does not seem to move but simultaneously is moving too quickly. My studies seemed to moving on rapidly but now have come to a grinding halt because of the summer break. I could almost taste my graduation and now suddenly it all seems too far away in the distant future. Our plans to go on a lengthy trip are taking shape but the moment for departure just seems to be beyond reach. The baby’s approach is too fast because of our travel plans, but the excitement of the baby’s arrival is burning a hole in my gut and I can’t wait for that moment when she makes her appearance and announces her arrival for the whole ward and world to hear.

I’m stuck in time and torn between time and non-time (I’m obviously waffling on too much!).

But is that not just how life has always worked and how it will continue to go on? We start at a point. We see the way forward, plan and anticipate. We go through the motions of excitement, disappointment and most of the time most of us learn from this. Life is such a rollercoaster of experiences and emotions. And the cycle is repeated over and over and over again throughout our lives.

I reckon that I must be on another one of those bumpy sections of the ride. It is by no means the unpleasant bumpy part. Just the one filled with uncertainties, surprises, hopes, fears, pleasantries and all in a fair mix so that there isn’t any particular event that is larger than the others. Just enough of each to have a fairly even balance. I really am waffling.

So to end this baffling barrage of waffle:

… and through all this Father Time is just wasting time…

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  1. I’d like to stop time for a bit. Life is perfect right now and I would like to have just a bit more time alone with you. And yet i wouldn’t be able to think like this unless i knew she’s coming.


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