Should childless people wanting children get treatment?

Am I running myself down or is it really true? I find it odd that some people seem to just have it all. Good looks. Good genes. Money. Popularity. Friends. Business. Kids. And they got the kids just as easily as they got everything else. It all just miraculously seems to fall into their laps. There is no justice in the world.

For us those issues above did not come easily. Shortly after we were married we went off the pill with the intention of having a child. We understood that going off the pill and almost instantly falling pregnant was impossible. We bided our time and patiently waited for Hilkka to finally start growing a bigger belly.

Months passed and yet nothing happened. I already have two children from a previous marriage, so I was certain it would happen sooner than later. Sadly though, nothing did happen. Hilkka became impatient and for good reason too.

We eventually started taking supplements to aid both our reproductive systems. We went to the clinic for consultations. We were given more treatment. We were thoroughly educated about the ups and downs, the ifs and whats and the whens and whys. We were quite impressed and even though we were warned that there is no guarantee for success, we were optimistic and confident.

The first treatments showed promise of success but unfortunately ended in failure. Our hopes rose with every new treatment and the awfully long waiting period was unbearable. The unexpected failures hit us hard. This affected our relationship and put a strain on almost everything we did.

I did not know that trying to have a baby is this tough. But we persevered, we ground down and in the end we did finally succeed. It felt like an eternity.

Are you in the same situation? Should you go for the treatment? I say “Of course!”

I would like to use this opportunity to encourage anybody out there not to give up. If you have decided that you want a child and you need to receive treatment to make this a reality, I say do it. Not every couple is successful, but you should start sooner, rather than later. It is worth it in the end.

And of course, Hilkka and I from the bottom of our hearts wish you all the best too.

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