The heat, oh the heat

Well, as most you by now already know, we are back in the land of a thousand lakes. And what a time to arrive back here! It is gorgeous sunny weather, people are out and about and a noticeable change has occurred in the normally dour demeanour of most Finns. The nation definitely is far happier than usual.

All this good news about the weather is bad news for us though. The block of flats we live in are being renovated. Our balcony door has quite literarily been nailed shut! We have no means of getting fresh air to circulate through our little boiling pot. And it is truly boiling hot in here. Stuffy. Unbearable.

Hilkka is battling with the heat and the pregnancy. I have no idea of how she must be feeling, but I can see the frustration and anguish. To make matters worse she developed a case of the ‘flu too.

This turn of events is a little blessing. Now Hilkka has the chance to officially get time off. Now she can get away to the folks’ home and get some pampering and cooling away from this swelteringly hot apartment.

All this is not that good for me though. I have been here now for a few days and miss them. The heat is still unbearable, but I’ll manage – for now at least. Last night’s rain has not helped the situation either. I had hoped it would cool the temperature down a few degrees, but all that has happened is that the humidity has increased which in turn makes it feel even hotter in this heat trap.

Time to get out the bicycle, me thinks.