Unchartered territory

As I explained in my previous blog, I have finally gotten to tell me teenage sons that there is a baby on the way. I would have preferred to have spoken to both at the same time, but Chunky is not a morning person and I know it is absolutely impossible to get him out of bed early during weekdays. It should go without saying that in the weekends it is just about impossible.

I am disappointed though that he did not write to me of his own accord. It is probably expecting a little too much. Therefore I could not resist texting him this week and asking him how they felt. As infuriating as he (and of course, his brother too) can be, they have the gift of being downright honest, forward and simplistic in a very innocent way. In other words, what I’m trying to say, is that you never can tell how Chunky will act, react or what they will or will not say.

His reply was, as always, delayed, very short and quite blunt. He Claims to be ”Okay” with the news. He is ”happy” for us. As for his true feelings, it did not give me an inkling. Then I thought I’d get him a little excited (if that is possible with this child) and prompt him to say which sex they would prefer.

They sent back a sweet response I feel I have to share with you. Here it is as they said it:

”More a sis because it’s a mystery. But another bro would not be bad, but a sis … let the adventure to uncharted lands begin… ”

Just too adorable! When you least expect it, your kids come along and move you in ways you did not know they could. I LOVE my kids to bits! And there’s an ”uncharted” one coming too. Heavens, what awaits us?

3 kommenttia artikkeliin ”Unchartered territory

  1. ❤ little Chunky.

    ❤ his dad too – although i do think children are entitled to be free riders in the child-parent relationship. It's understandable that you hope they'd contact you on their own accord, but in the end it's your job to contact them and love them all the time, no matter what. As you do, I know.


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