Is no news good news?

Now my newest blog is probably not quite what some of our loyal followers are hoping for, but unfortunately I do not have very much to report this week.

But I most certainly must start off by thanking all of you for your wondrous support, encouragement and words of advice. I really do appreciate it Greatly.

I have tried since the last posting to have some time to sit and chat with the boys about our pregnancy. It did not happen though. Riding Hood and I were traveling one week and the next week the boys just were not reachable. And I did try get them is Skype. Ranga (the 18 year old) was off the whole of last weekend is a trance (or was it a rave – I forget) party. A whole weekend of this? Damn, when I was younger a few hours in the disco was more than enough. Those strobes on and the music I was blind and deaf the rest of the weekend. Chunky-monkey on the other hand just did not respond to mails or text. That is typical for him though.

So, That leaves me with the next few days to try and set up a father-son talk with the boys. Other Than That, unfortunately there just any more news to tell.

Again, thank you all so much for your loving support!

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