Trying timing

We have been for our second scan.  And what a wonderful experience it was!

But let’s start this story from the time just before we went to the hospital for the scan:

Again it was a very emotionally laden experience. Hilkka and I are both terrified of something going wrong. We have been patiently trying to fall pregnant for so long now. We have been through some pretty stressful and trying times and therefore we are optimistically cautious.

Our main concerns at the moment are that something beyond our control goes wrong and we are forced to abort. These unknowns bear heavily on us, especially on Hilkka.

I don’t think Hilkka slept much the night before the first scan and the same happened this time too. I was also very restless through the night, but managed to get some rest at least.

Our drive to the hospital early that morning was a sombre affair and not much was said. I constantly wanted to reassure my wife but held back. I don’t think there was anything I could have said that would have changed anything or made her feel any better. And the delay in the waiting room did not help either.

But then came the moment of truth, the revelation. Staring intently at the monitor in front of us I immediately recognised the baby, saw the shape and to my uneducated mind (my knowledge stems from what I’ve seen on telly and in movies and the scans of many years ago for my two sons) I saw a big, healthy and happy baby. I could not help but let out a shreek (no wait, that does not sound right – shreek?) well, anyway, a weird loud and uncontrollable noise shot out of my lungs and escaped my mouth. Utter relief and unadulterated joy.

I cannot remember what I said, but I know I interfered with the midwife and said something to the effect of “Look honey, look what we did!”

The midwife quietly went about shifting and rearranging the sensor, clicking and shaping and measuring and moving and fidgeting and clicking and shifting and clicking and printing and…

Printing? Ha, yes! Of course! We are getting photographs to remind us. We got pics at the first scan, but today I could recognise so much more. And we are getting more photos. Oh man, this is so exciting!

We left the hospital a very relieved couple. We still have a way to go, but for now the worst part is over. A few days ago we got the lab results to say that the scan and blood tests reveal no abnormalities and that everything seems to be fine.

Our peanut has grown from a mere 8mm at the last scan to a solid 10cm now. Kids, man do they grow up quickly.

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  1. Great to hear the lab results were good! A friend once said that the worrying that starts now ends when the kid turns 18 – and not even then. It just changes its shape.


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