A new start

Most of you already know me, but not by my own words yet. Just to make sure everybody knows: I am Susi, the other half of Hilkka and this is my story (in English – sorry but we thought translation would take too long). Please feel free to post and ask questions in Finnish if you like.

Wow. We’ve made it. We have finally made it. No chance yet of popping champagne corks and fat cigars, but we finally are pregnant. It has been a hectic ride so far. Our emotions are on a constant rollercoaster ride. Our nerves are frayed at the best of times. To an extent we are emotionally, psychologically and also physically worn. That sounds quite scary, doesn’t it? It’s not quite as bad as it sounds, though. It has been tough, but we endured.

Here’s how it was for me:

I woke up very early one morning and realised Hilkka was not in bed. Of course, I knew that this was the time around which we would find out how successful the treatment had been. Knowing Hilkka and her impatience (but who can blame any woman in this situation?), she would be very eager and, I guess, excited to find out what the results are. I lay nervously in bed waiting for her to return. I strained my ears to determine the mood in the bathroom but couldn’t make out anything. My heart sank and I started preparing myself for the bad news.

After what seemed like ages the bathroom door opened and finally Hilkka crawled in beside me. My legs were burning and felt quite useless. I turned to take her into my arms, expecting her face to be tear-soaked (you obviously know by now that we’d been having these bad moments quite a bit already). She snuggled up tightly and quietly said “We are pregnant.”

No fanfare. No trumpets or vuvuzelas. Just very quietly. I’m certain I detected a smile in her speech, but in the dark it was impossible to tell. My mind took a quick step back – what did she just say? It took me a little while to digest this. You must understand that Hilkka was not upset, not excited, not ecstatic. I hugged her tightly and then realised there was a very big smile – all over her body. I could now feel it. I could feel how happy she was. I could clearly sense the relief and the joy. We did it. We are pregnant.

We laughed. We kissed. We hugged. I was going to say we cried, but I can’t admit to that ;).

Now we find ourselves on a new course in life. I suppose we could call it the next stage. New adventures and experiences to follow.

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  1. Wow, that was great to read! Really happy for you two, that was a hell of a journey you’ve made to come to that moment! Congratulations!


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